Working with Steven Kuo


Steven is a professional speaker who has presented, inspired, and entertained audiences of all sizes. He is passionate about the topics of: 

  • Breaking limiting mindset for innovation
  • Developing Executive Warrior Stance in the face of adversity and rapid change
  • Health as the Leadership Performance-enhancing drug

Search Inside Yourself Exec Warrior Mindset Upgrade

One of the secret weapons of an Exec Warrior is his/her mastery of emotions and mind. As a certified Search Inside Yourself Teacher, Steven can help you hit the next level of leadership performance through a two days leadership development program Search Inside Yourself. Born within Google, Search Inside Yourself combines modern neuroscience, ancient contemplative practices, with mindfulness techniques that apply in the contemporary workplace.

Executive Warrior Body Upgrade

Modern science has demonstrated beyond doubt that your body has a direct influence on your performance, think of how you last performed when you had little sleep. Steven has helped transformed the body of many entrepreneurs, executives, directors for maximum human performance. Allowing them to bring it on when required, work hard without crashing out.

Steven provides Executive Warrior Body upgrade through:

  • 6 Week online course – Energy to Crush Your Goals
  • Executive Coaching – see below

Executive Coaching for Human Potential Exploitation

(8 session package)

Don’t have time to waste in figuring things out on your own? Accelerate your body, mind, and leadership upgrade by working with Steven one-on-one. Executive Coaching is the fast track for those who want accelerated results that will transform how you live, lead, and deliver.

 Coaching requires a significant investment of time from Steven so he only works with three clients at only once and will require your total commitment. So do not apply if you are not absolutely committed to doing what’s necessary.

Executive Warrior Body / Mind / Leadership Upgrade Retreat

Hosted in beautiful Byron Bay, this is 5 days transformational experience like no other. You will achieve key outcomes of Executive Warrior ways of life and permanently upgrade your effectiveness. When you are there, you will work on:

  • Warrior body – Latest science-based body upgrade leveraging ancient martial art traditions for more energy, vitality, and the best sleep ever.
  • Warrior mind – Neuroscience based mind training to build resilience, composure, and a warrior mental strength.
  • Warrior leadership – Upgrade your skills to lead volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous business environment.