Why I Created Exec Warrior Breathwork

by Steven Kuo  - September 15, 2022

Why don't you take a huge, deep breath?

We often hear this advice as a last resort to defuse tension and stress. And it's pretty sound advice.

Most experts claim that breathwork is the core of high-level productivity and stress management. Haven't you found that for yourself through my series of Executive Warrior Breathwork?

breathwork series

This series of breath techniques has been a permanent fixture in my videos in the last few months. For those of you who have tried it, I'm sure that you have already reaped the benefits. I bet that your physical, emotional, and mental health has dramatically improved.

  • Personal and professional effectiveness
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Better Time management
  • And many others

Executive Warrior Breathwork has a wide range of benefits. It has generated many positive outcomes.

But some may wonder why I created the Executive Warrior Breathwork.

So, let me satisfy your curiosity. I will discuss with you how all this started.

how breathwork started

Give me a few moments of your busy time. It's all in my newest video.

I hope this inspires you and makes you see the value of my breathwork practice.

For your reference, here is the listing of 8 Executive Warrior Breathwork videos:

Breathwork 1 :  Sky Breath
Breathwork 2 : Bow Breath
Breathwork 3 : Splitting Breath
Breathwork 4 : Moving Breath
Breathwork 5 : Owl Breath
Breathwork 6 : Arch Breath
Breathwork 7 : Power Breath
Breathwork 8 : Vitality Breath


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