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About this course

Bonus Resources to support your Virtual Executive Warrior Search Inside Yourself journey

In this course, you will find all the bonus resources to help you integrate learnings from our LIVE Search Inside Yourself sessions.

Here you will find:

  • Your 28-day Challenge instructions
  • Mindfulness and neuroscience studies
  • Additional helpful resources


Here is a summary of Search Inside Yourself course that you will be attending live.

One of the secret weapons of an Exec Warrior is his/her mastery of emotions and mind.
As a certified Search Inside Yourself Teacher, Steven can help you hit the next level of leadership performance through a two days leadership development program Search Inside Yourself. Born within Google, Search Inside Yourself combines modern neuroscience, ancient contemplative practices, with mindfulness techniques that apply in the contemporary workplace.

Why is the mastery of mind and emotion non-optional in today’s volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous knowledge-based economy?


  • The world is rapidly changing and unpredictable – this uncertainty creates critical obstacles to innovation and creative thinking due to the stress response it triggers.

  • The top 1% most inspiring and effective leaders excel because of their emotional intelligence, not because of their qualifications or IQ. Emotional and mind mastery is not optional for breeding top performers.

  • We work in a knowledge economy, and your workers are smarter than you, so power command and control only drive away your top talent and leave you with the worst performers.

  • Mastery of emotions (Emotional Intelligence) will be a must-have skill in the future, with demand likely to rise six-fold within the next five years

  • Most organisations’ people processes are ill-equipped to hire and develop for emotional intelligence

  • An emotionally intelligent workforce would benefit organisations and employees alike.


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