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About this course

Do you know the number 1 secret shared by the world’s elite performers? From Navy Seals to NBA Chicago Bulls, to Google/LinkedIn Executives, and hedge fund Titan Ray Dalio, they all use the breath to master their body and mind, enabling them to reach a world-beating level of performance.

Join this course by breathwork coach Steven Kuo, who will show you how you can use your breath to:
* Boost your energy and vitality, stop getting sick
* Master your breath to tackle sticky business situations, making a powerful speech, and conduct difficult conversations
* Use your breath like pop-eye’s spinach, a high-performance instant boost when you really need the extra performance.

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Course Structure

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Welcome and let me show you around 4 Lessons

Welcome and what you can expect in coming days and weeks

  • Learning are broken into modules, for you to absorb, it it best to master one module before moving to the next.
  • Use comments to ask questions and provide feedback, I will answer them by posting additional information or video lessons

The best way to learn from this course


  • Practice one thing at a time, master it, then progress
  • Put aside your judgement, just for a moment, let the experience teach you
  • Book 20 min/day for the next 14 days to fully experience this course - once you master these, you only need 5-10 min/day to maintain the benefits.

Don't Do:

  • Try to learn this while multi-tasking
  • Combine these techniques with other practices, let go of your current knowledge to fully experience
  • When you are under extreme pressure or distractions, stop, deal with your pressure then come back to the course.

Why a powerful breath can help you to maximise your achievements?

Brief recap of why you would want to train your breath.

Things to consider before you start

I recommend you check-in with your doctor before starting any new exercise program. Also be extra careful if you have suffered severe trauma or abuse before, look after yourself. Stop when you don't feel safe.

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Why Breath is The Foundation to ALL Human Potential Exploitation? 3 Lessons

How to develop a powerful breath consciously?

Discover the foundation breathing capacity development approach to help you maximise your breath:

  • Learn to deepen your breath by not breathing
  • Learn how to expand your breath capacity for maximum oxygen intake

How to take the breath beyond ordinary? The 360 Degree Breath

Did you know that traditional belly breathing is a constricted version of what's possible? That traditional belly breathing is limited by the fact that it only focused on front expansion. 

When you learn to go beyond belly breathing to making your maximum breath available to you, it becomes a distinct advantage because you can access more oxygen and exhale more stale air than ordinary belly breathers.

In this video, Steven will show you how you can go beyond belly breath and take full advantage of your potential for greater energy, focus, and mind mastery.

Discover how to breath correctly while moving or standing

The key to consciously manipulate your breath in all situations requires you to learn how to breathe in all kinds of physical situations. In business situations, specifically breathing while standing, and walking is more tricky compared to sitting and laying down. We will discover tips and techniques for breathing consciously in typical business situations.

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How to breath?... Deeply, purposefully, powerfully with Exex Warrior Breathworks 10 Lessons

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Applying your breath to conquer your greatest business and personal challenges 7 Lessons

This is why you learn to breath before you apply it in business context

Why is it so important to master your breath before you apply it to deal with sticky business situations, perform strategic thinking, and conduct difficult conversations?

Nervous (making a speech) / Anxiety - Tactical/Box breath

Combine Tactical Breath with Exec Warrior Starting Pose:

  • 5 seconds In
  • 5 second Hold
  • 5 second Out
  • 5 second Hold

If can't do starting pose, do the breath.

Try performing the breath in awkward or strengeous situations to train your ability to apply the breath in the moment, under pressure.

Procrastination & Distraction - Advanced 3 breaths

Why you procrastinate? 

How you use 3 breaths to stop procrastination?

1st Breath - Notice

2nd Breath - Relax

3rd Breath - What is most important now? Wait for your answer, then make a conscious decision whether to pursue it or not.


  • Apply this before meetings to identify key agenda
  • Use this before strategic planning to think more strategically instead of reactively
  • Practice this daily so make this applicable in the moment

"What If" / Anxiety / Overwhelmed - Breaking breath

Breathing in a way that allow you to be more you, to make more conscious, instead of reactive decisions.

Breaking breath - Like applying brakes gently on a car:

  1. Hands on tummy, or chair, or any anchor that feels stable
  2. Slowing breath fast in, slowly out
  3. Count down from 10 to 0, at zero, let go, smile, soften, sink, slide, release


Tired and Low on Energy - Seated Sky Breath

Discover factors that influence your energy level

Perform seated Sky Breath, stand if you can. 

If got time, to Breath 8 - Vitality Breath immediately after.

Handling rejection / feeling pushed / facing screaming difficult people - The Rose Breath

Learn to handle rejection, aggressive people, pushy people.

  1. Pick an innocent neutral object that is easy to visualise. e.g. rose, puppies, leaves
  2. With eyes open, deep breath in, count down from 5 to zero, visualise your object over your trigger person's face
  3. Response in a way that looks after your HIGHEST interest

Handing emotions in the middle of speaking, while on stage.

Sharing emotional past events with your audience can build a strong connection and rapport, but emotional past events can be difficult to share without breaking down and bursting into tears. Losing control of your emotions during a speech will stop you from being able to deliver your key message, and your audience becomes more worried about you than learning from you.

Here is what you can do:

  • Take one BIG deep breath
  • Hold it in for 2 seconds
  • Release it and verbalise how you feel
  • Repeat if required

Your will find doing the above techniques will help you regain some control of your emotion so you can continue to tell your powerful story

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Advanced Business Application of The Breath 3 Lessons

How to say NO when you need to, dealing with difficult people, conducting difficult conversations

When you need to have a difficult conversation, perform the following in preparation:

  • 2 min: Place your hand on heart, matched with heart-based breathing
  • 1 min: Offering kindness and compassion to self, offering kindness to the other, noticing body softening
  • 2-30 min Reflection based Journalling SCARF considerations starting with self, then followed by the other person (Status, Certainty, Autonomy, Relatedness, Fairness)

Breath to prime your mind for strategic thinking

Discover how strategic thinking requires a careful balance of stress and relaxation.

How to perform the breath?

  • 10 Starting Pose Breath, slow inhale, even slower exhale
    • Inhale - focus on tummy
    • Exhale - losen body
  • 1-5 min of Standing Post meditation, Just Breathing

Why this works:
Breath focus aided by matching movements have demonstrated to encourage gamma and alpha brain waves, both are highly useful when you need to shut down your reactiveness and looking long term with curiosity and innovation. Breathing alone can work, but when combined with movement, you make it easier for you to focus than without movement.

Working from home with too much sitting, how to liven up the body.

Discover you you can rejuvinate after sitting too long, working too long, standing too long.

How to perform this exercise?

Moving Breath followed by Owl Breath

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Conclusion and Reinforcing Your Learning 5 Lessons

7 Day Challenge - Cementing Your Foundation

Share your daily Warrior Breathwork practice with me as your accountability partner.

Use the following hash code when you share your 7 day challenge on LinkedIn or Facebook: #ExecWarriorBreath 

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(Bonus) Advancing Your Physical and Mental Toughness - Advanced Executive Warrior Breath Applications 3 Lessons

Introduction - Breath to increase Body Muscle Tone / Power and Resistance to Injury

Using the Executive Warrior Breathwork for dynamic conditioning and physical resilience.


  • Physical resilience to injury
  • Enhance mental strength and resistance to setbacks
  • Increased mastery of the breath because it is performed during a physical challenge
  • Enhanced ability to focus, your body won't let you be distracted

Levers to adjust for maximising physical challenge

You can increase the level of training difficulty by adjusting these levers:

  • The height and width of your stance - lower and wider is harder
  • Dynamic tension - the tightening of muscles as you move, the more you contract, the greater difficulty.
  • Stretch - The level of stretch across your entire body and extremities
  • Combining the above in layers, the more you incorporate, the greater the difficulty

Advanced Breathwork Conditioning Sequence

The entire breathwork training sequence to build strong, powerful, and resiliant body and mind.