The Impact a Leader’s Mindset Has (On Team and Company Performance)

by Steven Kuo  - November 16, 2021

Do you feel the need to reinvent yourself? Do you want to build a team of empowered individuals? Do you want to build an environment of success and fulfillment?

Hear the best from one of the best! You have an opportunity to experience this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of learning. Know about the tremendous impact of leadership in both our professional and personal lives.

It's a pleasure to have a passionate leader on board here at Executive Warrior Academy. Leigh is the Executive Coach and Director of The Coaching Tree, a business and team coaching service aimed to discover your potential to get the most out of yourself and those you lead. Allow him to enrich your lives with his remarkable insights on how a leader's mindset influences team and company performance.

The ability of a leader to change the attitude, or framework, of others is the foundation of leadership. For Leigh, pure mechanics does not cut it. A leader needs to change his mental models to change others' ways of thinking.

Leaders have a significant influence on the culture of their organizations. Strong leaders provide their followers a sense of direction, purpose, mentorship, and inspiration. Leigh believes in building a team of empowered thinkers and enabling leaders to be the driving force of the organizational culture.

Self-awareness is key to achieving leadership excellence. It adds worth to your life and allows you to impact others.

A leader should be able to unlock a collective knowledge. A leader needs to decentralize control – all for better outcomes.

Find out Leigh's insights on these critical aspects of leadership and a host of other topics that will surely make you the leader you are meant to be.

Listen to a champion and become a champion!


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