Morning training to build energy, mental toughness, and physical resilience (Weekly)

1st Week starts at following times, then weekly same time and same Zoom link
SYDNEY, Australia
7:30aThu, Sep 16 2021

PDT/PST, Pacific Daylight Time (US)
2:30pWed, Sep 15 2021

EDT/EST, Eastern Daylight Time (US)
5:30pWed, Sep 15 2021

Here is a sample class structure:

  • Welcome, the theme of the day. 2 min
  • Breathwork explanation 3 min
  • Breathwork 5 min
  • Martial Internal strength performance enhancement & injury prevention 5 min
  • Warrior standing meditation 5 min

Do you want to build your energy, mental and physical toughness but don't have enough time?

Join me, Steven for a FREE 20 min Exec Warrior Energy building session to kick start your day with a bang!

Through breathing exercises (breakwork) and ancient martial resilient training, you can expect to:

  • Feel refreshed and rejuvenated
  • Gain energy and vitality
  • Gently build your physical strength and resilience
  • Increase your mental toughness
  • Develop mindfulness, develop greater self-awareness

    This training is for any busy professionals who are looking for something different to build energy and vitality.

    The breathing and exercises are suitable for people of all ages.

    About Steven's breathwork training background: 
  • Breathwork practitioner and martial artist for over 20 years
  • Leadership coach
  • Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute Mindfulness Teacher

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