How to facilitate world-class virtual workshops and courses?

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Sat 28th 2021 9am-10:30am 

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Increase Your Leadership Influence In Lockdown

One of the best ways to increase your leadership influence is to share your knowledge with the community and help others grow.

Sharing your knowledge not only help others grow, but it enables you to refine your own understanding in the process.

But trapped in COVID restrictions, many coaches and trainers had to adapt quickly to using online communication. As convenient as virtual training are, many of you would have had your fair share of virtual workshop chaos.

Whether it's misbehaving technology, low engagement, or death by Powerpoint, virtual workshops can be both a blessing and a curse.

How can you make virtual workshops more a blessing rather than a curse?

How can we turn the virtual lemon into a deliciously successful virtual lemonade?

Let's explore how you can overcome virtual workshop chaos and deliver a world-class virtual training program.

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