Re-energize: Bring Back your Focus and Vitality (Moving Breath & the Owl Breath)

by Steven Kuo  - February 7, 2022

Re-energize: Bring back your focus and vitality Do you ever get the feeling that your energy and vitality have gone out the window? Are you becoming unfocused because of this?

Don't worry because today, we're going to work on getting that body moving. Let's bring back that energy and focus so you can get more work done in less time.

Whether we sit at our desk all day as we work from home or stand too long as our job requires, we feel some adverse effects on our bodies. When you are in one position for too long, your lymph fluid stops flowing, lactic acid builds up, you can't clear out the toxins in your body, and you feel tired and weary in general.

sitting all day long

Let me help you with this. There's a fantastic breathing exercise that combines two breaths: the Moving Breath & the Owl Breath.

The Executive Warrior Breathworks is a set of breathing exercises that give people more energy, focus, and vitality so they can get more work done. It's based on 340-year-old breathing exercise that have been done in Asia known as the 8-Section Silk. I've combined the foundation of 8-Section Silk with other energy exercises I've learned over the last 32 years to produce something simple to understand and apply.

The Moving Breath, as the name suggests, gets your body moving. And I like to combine that with the Owl Breath.

The Owl Breath is something of a stretch. Why? Because once you've gotten the movement back through the moving breath, you can stretch out a little bit more. This further movement gets the fluids into the blood, and the lymph fluids start flowing, making you feel better.


You can get back to work in no time!

You don't need to do a whole set to reap the benefit of the exercise. You can get the energizing effect by just doing the moving breath, which is your ease back in the movement, and the owl breath.

This exercise shouldn't take you more than a few minutes. In just a short while, you get your energy back, allowing you to be more focused on the task at hand.

Want to learn this step by step? Follow me by watching the video!

Please note the following;

  • Feet, shoulder, width apart. Bend your legs slightly.
  • Where in each sequence, there is breathing In, holding of breath, breathing out, and hold out of breath (waiting before breathing in again).
  • You may repeat the steps as many as you like
  • Ideally find a place where you can get some fresh air (e.g. park, or near a window)

Now that you’ve tried this exercise, do you feel yourself come alive? Do you feel the energy returning?

Please note that you don't need to be exact with the movement. You can improvise a little - you can hold out your breath a little more or less.

The difference between learning a breathing exercise and using it is that you want to be precise with the body movement or the direction of the breath while you learn.

But when you feel tired and unfocused and is time to use this breathing exercise, it doesn't matter if you take one full breath or five breaths. It's not that important whether you go right or left first; you can improvise.

While you are learning, it’s important not improvise or you will lose the essence of what good it can provide you if you do.

Try the Moving Breath and the Owl Breath combination to power through your work.

Get your focus back.





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