Maximize the Benefits of Cold Therapy

by Steven Kuo  - February 22, 2023

Are you doing cold therapy wrong? Even if you've tried ice baths, cryo, or ocean swims, you may not be maximizing the benefits. I'm here to help you work less and achieve more, to be completely effective and take your effectiveness to the level of limitless.

Cold therapy has a ton of benefits, including improving focus, mood, immunity, cold tolerance, and reducing inflammation and fat. However, doing it wrong can offset these benefits. For example, cold water swimmers may not necessarily look lean and cut.


So what's the key to getting the most out of cold therapy? It's all about understanding the mechanisms behind the benefits. Mental focus and motivation from cold therapy come from a boost in dopamine, but it's important to avoid the big drop that comes from over-stimulating dopamine with addictive substances.

In terms of fat loss, cold therapy triggers a process called thermogenesis, where the body burns calories to produce heat. However, this only happens when the body is forced to work hard to maintain its core temperature in the cold. So, to maximize the benefits of cold therapy, it's important to use it properly and understand its mechanisms.


Don't let common myths and misunderstandings hold you back from achieving your full potential with cold therapy. With the right knowledge and approach, you can work smarter, not harder, and achieve limitless success.


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Steven Kuo

Steven Kuo is an Executive Health Coach helping ambitious middle-aged men all over the world over come brain-fog and fatigue to reignite their energy and focus. Helping them become unstoppable at work and in life.

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