Make More Noise and Sleep Better?

by Steven Kuo  - November 4, 2022

Have a hard time falling asleep?

Did you try some meditation?

Did you try to read a book?

Does nothing work?

It seems you have not tried everything yet.

There's a sure fire way of getting the sleep that you need. The best part is you get some "quality" sleep!

I'm sure you are wondering what way it is. After all, you might have tried every sleeping hack in the book.

How about making some noise?

make noise

I know that might seem so hard to believe. You might ask how you can fall asleep with all that noise!

It all boils down to some brain-hacking principles that target your senses, specifically your sense of hearing.

I know you are quite intrigued. So, I invite you to watch my latest video. There, I will discuss in-depth this noise I'm referring to.

Sleep is essential. Your body is working to support the optimum mind process.

Sleep keeps you physically and mentally healthy. Over time, getting insufficient sleep can increase your chances of developing chronic health issues.

peaceful sleep

So, if you desire an improved sleep routine, watching my video is the next thing you'll do!


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Mindfulness – Secret to Becoming Stress Proof

Steven Kuo

Steven Kuo is an Executive Warrior Coach for transformational leaders who desire to make meaningful, lasting positive impacts in business, the world, and their family.

Steven helps transform leadership and organisations worldwide to uncover their full potential and thrive in the Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous world we live in. From small business all the way to fortune 500 organisations.

Whatever your struggles are in achieving your full potential, Steven can help you believe again. He will partner with you to make your own breakthroughs through executive/leadership coaching, speaking engagements, training, transformational offsites, and mentoring.

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