Is an Executive Warrior Pep-bo a hack for success?

by Steven Kuo  - February 24, 2018

What is an Executive Warrior Pep-bo?
Many of you would not be familiar with the term Executive Warrior Pep-bo, just what the heck is it?
Is it a hack? A short-cut? Ninja trick?
No, not really.
An executive warrior Pep-bo is a faster way of achieving your goals, in a beautiful, skilful, and intelligent way.
The word Pep-bo came from Taiwan, where I was born. It is a Taiwanese word that represent a more efficient way to achieving an outcome, however, unlike the English words like hack or trick, it does not have any negative connotations.
I choose to use the word Pep-bo when I want to share with you my secrets to speed up your success. English words like a hack don't truly express what I'm communicating because Pep-bos are the equivalent of secrets of success shared by a great master of expertise, much like what you will expect to learn from a Master Class, the tricks of the trade.
A pep-bo is a sustainable short-circuit to your success, it does not waste energy, time, and resources, and is not a short-term, non-sustainable hack.
My Executive Warrior Pep-bos are success secrets that cost me over 166K and over 15 years to learn, secrets that will help you build the body, mind, and heart required to accelerate your success, but without the need to invest 166K or 15 years of your time.
Executive Warrior Pep-bos are my secrets for an accelerated path to building a warrior body, brains and mindset for success.


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