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Steven is working on a brand new course designed to help you upgrade your performance in over 12 key business performance areas. Everything from productivity and focus, to strategic planning, to public speaking, and even handling failures and setbacks.

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For a limited time, Steven is looking to make his leadership performance secrets to the general public at an affordable price. (not everyone has a spare $240K in their bank). He packed over 10 years of training into a short, 14 days self-paced learning that is easy to learn and implement. 

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For Leaders Interested In Performing At Peak Performance

Don't miss out on a chance to be more focused, get more work done, be more influential, more resilient to setbacks, communicate more confidently, and so much more.

Steven is super excited about what he will share because the course will help you perform at your best in business and in life, without wasting time in ancient difficult and time-consuming practices.

No other system will present these skills in such a practical way, and it's almost ready for the public.

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What’s in the course?

14 Days of Transformation starts with...

Day 1 - Laying The Foundations for Jailbreaking Your Performance

  • Welcome to the course
  • Introduction to how to overcome all your toughest performance killing limitations using your breath?
  • Why don't do this alone? How to join community?
  • How to navigate the course?
  • How to get support?
  • All course bonuses and discounts

Day 2 - Learning to breathe - the foundation to upgrading your mental processing and destroying your performance killers

  • Big Mistake for Achieving High Performance - Underestimate poor breathing
  • Why a powerful breath can help you maximise your achievements?
  • How to develop a powerful breath consciously?
  • How to take the breath beyond ordinary? The 360 degree breath
  • Discover how to breath correctly while moving or standing
  • Action: Spend 5 min practicing deep breath every day for the next 14 days

Day 3 - Upgrade your focus and concentration to 10X your productivity

  • How you can tolerate lower focus and concentration for so long?
  • How your success is limited by your ability to focus in the world of distractions?
  • Breathing for focus and concentration - stop procrastination, manage distractions, & get into a habitual FLOW state
  • Hot tip : Get focus and concentration feedback - to rapidly improve
  • FAQ and tips for focus and concentration

Day 4 - Calm Under Pressure - Upgrade risk taking capacity for greater rewards.

  • Why inability to take risk will destroy your chance of success?
  • The solution that unlocks greater risk-taking for your success
  • Breath for Handing What/If / Anxiety / Overwhelm
  • Action: Identify situations where your success is being held back, planning your breakthrough moment
  • FAQ for risk taking

Day 5 - Calm Under Pressure - Strategic Risk Taking

  • Busting the biggest limiting belief regarding risk-taking
  • How to perform strategic risk-taking and open up a whole new world of opportunities?
  • Steps to performing Strategic Risk-Taking
  • Activity: Strategic risk-taking
  • FAQ on risk taking

Day 6 - Energy = Fuel for your success (Let's increase it)

  • Role of energy in success
  • Breathing for Energy - How to Perform Warrior Sky Breath and Bow Breath
  • Breathing for Improved Sleep
  • How to apply Warrior and Sky Breath in the moment?
  • Action - Plan to practice Sky and Bow Breath for 5 min
  • FAQ on Energy

Day 7 - Upgrade strategic long term thinking and stop giving up too easily

  • Why is strategic thinking is key to beating your competition?
  • Understanding the role of breath in strategic thinking
  • How to breath for strategic thinking?
  • Discover and living your highest purpose using Mindful Ikigai
  • Action: Find your meaning in life using Mindful Ikigai planning
  • FAQ on strategic long term thinking

Day 8 - Solve your greatest challenges easily (Upgrade Your Problem Solving and out of box thinking)

  • Solving your greatest "unsolvable" challenges
  • Action: Brainstorm your greatest challenge
  • Brain model for solving tricky problems - neuroscience of problem solving
  • Insight Breath: How to breath to solve your biggest toughest dilemma/problem/challenges?
  • Action: Solve your greatest dilemma by applying the Insight Breath
  • FAQ on solving difficult challenges

Day 9 - Build a company of problem solvers (Upgrade your entire team's problem solving skills)

  • The great business challenge - building a company of highly competent problem solvers
  • How to solve biggest problem as a team of diverse people?
  • Action: Creative brainstorming workshop - doing it as a team
  • FAQ and tips for creative brainstorming

Day 10 - Magnify your personal influence & upgrade your presentation skills - managing nervous emotions and anxiety

  • Why speaking up can make you more money? Build better relationships? And be more successful in everything?
  • Breath to stop speaking nerves and anxiety
  • Breath to stop anxiety while speaking
  • Action: Practicing breath for upgrading your speech

Day 11 - Magnify your personal influence & upgrade your presentation skills - speaking with authority, confidence, & authenticity

  • Taking your influence to the next level by telling powerful stories and evoke emotions
  • Breath for making your speech more interesting and inspiring
  • Breath for increasing your communication flexibility
  • Breath for telling powerful stories that influence
  • Improve fast by creating a speaking feedback loop
  • Action: Practice breath variations
  • FAQ on breathing in public speaking context

Day 12 - Dealing with difficult people in your company (Providing difficult feedback with skill)

  • Story of the toughest modern work challenge, people
  • How to deal with difficult people and say what you really want to say without fear
  • Action: Prepare for difficult conversations exercise

Day 13 - Accelerate success by upgrading your ability to handle rejections and setbacks

  • Increase your rejection handling capability will open doors
  • How to over come fear of rejections/negative reactions?
  • Activity: Increase your rejection handling capability
  • FAQ and tips for dealing with people

Day 14 - Next-steps to unleashing your true potential (A system for advanced breathwork)

  • Review of your transformation journey
  • Activity: Gratitude Exercise
  • Why you would want to expand your breathwork skills?
  • A system for breathwork

During your 14 Days Personal Performance Jailbreak, you will experience three types of transformation.


an inner mindset transformation to increase your capacity to cope with more significant challenges. This transformation is like upgrading your car's engine from an old internal combustion engine to the latest electrical motor from Tesla. Externally you may look the same, but your capacity to perform is on another level.


a leadership transformation to help increase your leadership success. You will be building the skill and energy to think strategically and solve tough problems even when bombarded by the overwhelming demands of daily distraction.


 an influence transformation to help magnify your ability to persuade and connect with others to get what you want, even if they are difficult people.

So If You Are Keen To Achieve More In Life

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