How to Use Cold to Super Charge your Sleep

by Steven Kuo  - December 12, 2022

Using cold to supercharge your sleep sounds rather strange, but how often do you get out of bed every night to adjust the room temperature?

According to most experts, the ideal room temperature is slightly on the cool side. Naturally, our body temperatures drop when we sleep. So, when it gets too hot, we toss and turn throughout the night, affecting the quality of our sleep.

cold room temperature

Today I’m not just talking about room temperature, I’m actually going deep with the use of cold exposure for sleep quality enhancement.

It's not just a question of how long you sleep. There should be an overall satisfaction to it.

Sleep quality can be defined as a person's contentment with all aspects of rest. The sleep duration is only a part of this satisfaction.

Getting an adequate amount of sleep quality is vital for helping you maintain optimal health and energy. Regarding your overall well-being, sleep is as essential as regular physical activities and following a balanced diet.

Thus, I invite you to watch my latest video. It's another helpful discussion on how to have a supercharged sleep for maximum energy the next day.

Using the cold to have a substantial sleep? It may seem impossible now. But wait till you learn how an everyday occurrence can be genuinely beneficial.

sleeping habits

Your sleeping habits will never be the same again.


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