How to structure nutritional supplements for maximum energy

by Steven Kuo  - May 9, 2022

When someone says nutrition, what thing comes to mind?

I'm sure most of you will say food. But you know what? Food is not enough.


An executive warrior depends on their energy and vitality for success, the don’t have time for disease and weakness. So, you need more than just adequate nutrition, you need optimal nutrition.

Here are some guideline to help you determine if you are eating the right foods for maximum energy and performance:

  1. Does the food reduce inflammation?

  2. Does it strengthen cellular energy?

  3. Does it provide the 3Ss - satiety, simplicity, and satisfaction?

  4. Is it of high-nutrient quality? Is it effective?

If you got that basic steps covered, then you need to consider level of nutrient in your food. The reality is, modern agriculture creates chemical saturated nutrient depleted food. Food that is so far from its original natural state that if you care about maximum performance, you would want to consider supplementation.


In my latest vlog, I will discuss how you can structure nutritional supplements into your body for maximum energy. This video aims to do the following:

  1. Inform you that food nutrition is not sufficient

  2. Tell you how to build a supplement stack

  3. Explain the best ways for you to select the right supplement.

There are many benefits to taking supplements; all you need to do is find the right supplements and efficiently incorporate them into your lifestyle.


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Steven Kuo

Steven Kuo is an Executive Health Coach helping ambitious middle-aged men all over the world over come brain-fog and fatigue to reignite their energy and focus. Helping them become unstoppable at work and in life.

If you can't focus, feeling tired all the time, live off caffeine, plagued by mood swings, carb cravings, can't lose weight & build muscle, have depression, anxiety, panic attacks, or are prone to addictive behaviors... Steven can help.

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