How to Learn and Teach an Entirely New Concept in 20 Minutes

by Steven Kuo  - September 17, 2021

Here in Executive Warriors, I have been teaching you how to approach several different scenarios, complicated or out of ordinary, and the goal is to make you more powerful, sharper, and more influential.

One topic I thought of, which is equally important amongst the rest, is this: How was I able to learn completely new software and be able to teach it within 20 min?

learn and teach

This could have happened to the best of us where we were given a task or may have been obliged, to teach something - like an entirely new software - that we knew nothing about. 

It is understandably challenging. Figuring out how to do it may eat up most of your time which could, in turn, affect your efficiency. So let me take this privilege to teach you how to do it and save you some time and energy. This is an accelerated type of learning that will help you achieve your business goals. 

Developing this skill was not easy for me. As a consultant, I have adequate exposure and training on different kinds of tools and software and I can teach them without a problem. But a time came where I was faced with the challenge of being asked how to use certain software that I never heard of and used before. 

I do not know everything but when someone comes to me asking for an expert’s advice, I have to be able to deliver a piece of accurate information and show mastery of such to maintain the confidence that my clients give me. So it is a part of a consultant’s life to do a lot of research. 

I was able to develop the skill of picking up something entirely new and being able to teach it, by the power of what I call the Chassis Process. With the Chassis Process, you will be able to teach yourself and teach someone else the same thing quickly and easily. 

Chassis Process

Chassis as we all know is the framework or skeleton of a motor vehicle or a piece of equipment. Inside the chassis are some static and dynamic parts that work together so the vehicle or the equipment can run. 

Having mentioned the dynamic parts, this means we can swap parts in and out as many times as we can, and then adapt. The same thing goes with your businesses. In your business chassis, you can look at how things work together and see where you can make changes.

This means understanding the framework of your business and finding things that you can modify to become more successful and profitable. This is the chassis process. Applying this process will help you pick up and learn something new and be able to share the same knowledge quickly. 

The Chassis Process also applies effectively in online training. There are several key components in every online training being conducted. You, your audience, your materials, your equipment, your method of communication, and so on.

If you want, I can make an entirely different lesson about effective ways to deliver online training.  

The bottom line is, using the Chassis Process, you will be able to pick up and learn something new quickly, and not only that, but you will be able to teach it too.

learn quick


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