How to keep your energy flowing even after 2PM?

by Steven Kuo  - February 10, 2018

As an executive warrior, you've got tons of work to get through. People are waiting for your leadership and your inspiration, but, when you hit that 2 pm slump, you feel your energy slowly dissipate, like Superman in front of Kryptonite. You feel weak; your brain fogs up, you can't focus…

What do you do?

Well, if you are like the majority of the people, you hit the nearest coffee stand for your caffeine fix or if that isn’t enough a can of coke/Red Bull with that double helping of caffeine with sugar topping.

You feel a boost of energy, and now you are rearing to go. You rolled up your sleeve, tighten up that belt around your increasing bulging belly, and survived that afternoon. But, that isn’t the end…you are an entrepreneur, an executive, there is still a mountain of stuff to churn through that night.

According to Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine in March 2016, entrepreneurs who work long hours increase heart disease risk by 16%.

So you know you are burning your candle at both ends, you know you are putting yourself at high risk of long-term health diseases, but you wonder if there is a better way?

How do you keep your energy flowing without sacrificing your health, without filling your body with caffeine and sugar?

How do you get your energy and focus without burning your candle at both ends?

Well, this question is best answered in something perhaps a little bit longer than a short blog, but I do have one scientific validated tip, AKA Executive Warrior Pep-bo that you can incorporate today.

In this blog, you will discover:

  • check
    One of the simplest methods to boost your energy levels instantly without using caffeine or sugar.
  • check
    An explanation of why this method is not a hack but will continue to increase your energy as long as you practice.
  • check
    A layman's explanation of the science behind this method, so you understand the basis of my method.

Are you ready?

So here we go!

Today’s Executive Warrior Pep-bo is a Short Warrior Body Meditation exercise and the way it works is by boosting you Heart Rate Variability (HRV).

Heart Rate Variability is the measurement of the time variation between the R-R peak timing of your heartbeats.

A high variability indicates the healthy balance of your autonomous nervous function; this means your nervous system is just right, and you are not too anxious/stressed and not too sleepy either.

When you have high HRV, you will be alert, but not highly strung. You have a wonderful ability to manage your energy level required and to calm that down. It also translates to faster body recovery and much better quality sleep.

High HRV means more energy for you to accomplish your goals and not get that 2 pm energy slump.

So how do you improve HRV?

One of the simplest methods is my Short Warrior Body Meditation exercise.

This exercise will take about 10min if you carry it out in full and this is designed to help improve your sleep quality by aiding your HRV.

I will now talk you through the steps over in this blog. 

  • 1
    Find a comfortable spot; you can take a traditional meditation pose, or sit in a comfortable chair. It doesn’t matter, as long as you make sure you sit in a comfortable position where your spine is straight and aligned.
  • 2
    Take a minute just to notice your breathing - take three deep breaths
  • 3
    Think about something that you hold dear, some thought that brings a smile to your face. It could be your children. It could be your pet. It could be a flower or a tree. It could be the goal you shot that won the game. Any thought that makes you proud, happy, confident, grateful.
  • 4
    Notice how your body feels when you think about that? As you continue to focus on that happy thought, you will start to notice either a warm sensation, a buzz, energy, or even a vibration somewhere in your body. Look for it, wait until you find it.
  • 5
    Now imagine guiding that feeling to where your heart is, if it's already there, that’s fine. Just notice how that feels when you fill your heart with positive energy, did you notice that smile on your face?
  • 6
    As you breathe in and out, notice how that positive feeling spreads as you take each breath in and out.
  • 7
    Now notice for the next five breaths, as you breathe in, imagine you are adding more positive thoughts and fuel that fire of positivity within your heart. What else makes you happy? What else brings you joy?
  • 8
    Once you have done that, just close your eyes and just feel the sensations in your body and rest.
  • 9
    Whenever you are ready, you can slowly open your eyes
  • 10
    Finish off by giving your head a light massage.

As you continue to do this exercise, you will start to notice improved sleep quality and energy level the next day.

However, if you don't get that benefit, there is probably something else at play that is continually sucking your energy dry. But don’t give up, even if this exercise alone won’t help directly, improved HRV paves a very solid health foundation for making future improvements to your energy level because it tunes your nervous system which manages your stress level and rest. So getting that tuned is a solid foundation for any improvements you want to add.

You may find it useful to measure HRV using gadgets to give you some quantifiable measure, and there are several devices on the market. I will blog about these shortly.

Get notified when I do, make sure you subscribe to my Executive Warrior Academy YouTube channel.

If you have any questions, do post them below and I will endeavour to answer them.

I look forward to serving you in the near future.

Until then, enjoy your journey towards accelerating your success, have fun, grow your mind, and go and make the world a better place.


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