How to Handle Emotions on Stage

by Steven Kuo  - April 27, 2022

What makes a public speaker effective? Experts say it’s not so much as what you are saying. It's more about how you say it.

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Most public speakers integrate storytelling into their speeches. Most of the time, the stories shared are personal because, after all, emotions, which are triggered by personal stories, are essential to persuade an audience to believe in one's topic.


However, one problem sometimes ensues. Some speakers get overwhelmed with their emotions, and some even break down in front of a lot of people.

This situation applies to anger, sadness, and yes, even laughter.

That's the power of emotions.

As public speakers, though, we need to manage these feelings. It would be best if you stayed professional onstage.

But how can we manage these powerful feelings while onstage? Here's where breathing comes in.

You would be interested to know that your breath is a solid gateway to your subconscious.

This theme is what the entire Executive Warrior Breathwork course is all about.


What you do is take the breathing muscle that you have developed and apply that muscle at the time when you need it the most - at the height of your particular emotion.

In the latest Executive Warrior vlog, I can take you through the simple steps. So, I hope you can spare some of your precious time watching so that you can manage your emotions onstage more effectively.

The breathing technique will help you verbalize the emotion but with a bit of control. With just a little squeeze up your diaphragm, you can maintain your composure and professionalism onstage.

You can connect with the audience without you having to fall apart in front of their very eyes.


Incorporate this easy but powerful technique into your rhythm and gift your audience with a speech they will never forget.


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