How to Build Supplement Stack for Performance

by Steven Kuo  - April 7, 2023

Building a supplement stack to achieve optimal health is not about taking a magic pill or finding a quick fix. It's about ensuring that your body has a strong foundation of essential nutrients to build upon. As someone who has tried various supplements over the years, I can attest that treating supplements as a quick fix is the wrong way to approach them.

Your body is a system, and all the pieces need to work together to achieve optimal results. Just like building a puzzle, you need all the pieces to fit together to complete it.

Your friends or colleagues may recommend a supplement that worked for them, but everyone's puzzle is different, and the missing pieces for each individual are unique. Therefore, it's essential to focus on your foundation first before trying different last pieces that may not fit.

healthy foundation

The foundation of a good supplement stack starts with a good multivitamin and mineral supplement. Your body needs a base of essential nutrients to build on, much like a frame for your puzzle.

Multivitamin Supplement

By starting with a good multivitamin supplement, you can cover your bases and ensure that you're not deficient in any critical nutrient. I recommend using a whole food multivitamin as it offers better absorption due to the presence of other factors that accompany the vitamins and minerals. One supplement that I like is from McCull, as they use high-quality ingredients.

Omega-3 Supplement

The second piece of the puzzle is a good omega-3 supplement. The latest research recommends at least 1 gram of EPA per day for optimal results. EPA is a type of omega-3 fatty acid that has been shown to improve brain function, mood, and overall health. When choosing an omega-3 supplement, look for one that has been tested for purity and potency.

Supplement to Boost Energy

If you struggle with sleep or need a boost of energy during the day, you can consider adding specific supplements to your stack. However, always remember that these supplements are the last piece of the puzzle, and you need to have a solid foundation of nutrients in place for them to work effectively.

supplement stack

In conclusion, building a supplement stack is not a one-size-fits-all approach. It's about ensuring that your body has a strong foundation of essential nutrients to build upon.

By starting with a good multivitamin and omega-3 supplement, you can cover your bases and achieve optimal results. Just remember to focus on the quality of the ingredients in the bottle, rather than the personality behind it.


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