Feeling Unmotivated? How to find motivation?

by Steven Kuo  - November 8, 2021

Do you feel like you are worth so much more? Do you feel like you are destined for greatness? Do you dream of giving your family all their wants and needs?

Most people dream big. However, instead of hustling and bustling, you find yourself binge-watching a Netflix series or watching cat videos instead.

Couch Potato

It's all because you lack motivation. 

I know; I've been there. I planned to finish a video, start a new book, and schedule three client meetings. But a few days later, I had done none of those things and instead was familiar with the plot of The Last Airbender.

I felt like a failure. But the good news is, I made my breakthrough.

I was in leadership training, and one question posed piqued my interest: What drives productivity?

The answer? Everything starts with having clarity on one's core values.

Values in Life

Not everything you need to do is nice or fun. Work is sometimes dry and monotonous, but it must be completed even though you don't have the motivation to do them.

When you know your underlying principles, though, you have a strong feeling of purposeā€”a compelling incentive to get on with things rather than getting sidetracked by diversions.

Like me, you may also have difficulty finding your core value because we often confuse societal and parental expectations with our values. According to my mentor, we need to dig deeper through mindfulness practices because success is not truly what we aim for. Instead, it's something more profound like love or service.

When I was 11, I was about to drop out of school because my mother could no longer pay school fees. However, my principal intervened and deferred the fees. Without him, I would not be where I am today.

My principal's compassion ingrained in me a fundamental value of wanting to help people progress, and anytime I can put that value into reality, I feel a surge of energy and motivation that is hard to describe.

Because of my experience, I gained the motivation to get things done. With renewed clarity and purpose, I quadrupled my income in 18 months and supported the education of ten more children via Compassion International.

What can you take away from all of this?

  • Find your core values, your purpose. In doing so, you will discover the motivation to power your way through complex challenges in your journey to success.
  • When you use mindfulness practices, you'll distinguish your purpose from the ideals that society or your upbringing has established.
  • Find a strategy, such as having a daily calendar, to remind yourself of your core values when you're having trouble staying motivated.

In rediscovering your purpose, you have some options. Check them below, along with their pros and cons:

Reading online articles

Pro - it's free, and you can choose from plenty of articles.

Con - there's no coherent structure or process.

Buying a book

Pro - it's affordable and with a more coherent structure.

Con - there's no room for questions, support, and guidance on how to integrate knowledge into your life.

Going on a retreat

Pro - it's fully immersive.

Con - it's pretty expensive and takes you away from work and family.

But there's a 4th option without the need to consider pros and cons. You will be happy to know that I'm working on a new course that can teach you how to uncover your fundamental values and jailbreak your performance in a structured, step-by-step manner. It's a course that can help you grow and be accountable while having a supportive community.

If you want to be more productive and have higher motivation levels, you can add your email to the notification list here. You can be assured of profound personal growth and transformation.

Remember that motivation comes from deep within. 

Find it, maintain it, and put it to good use.

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