Executive Warrior – Splitting Breath

by Steven Kuo  - March 7, 2022

Did you know that our digestive health and immunity go hand-in-hand? And we can hit two birds in one stone with the next breathwork in the Executive Warrior Breathwork Series.

Splitting Breath 1

The Splitting Breath is the third one aimed at building immunity and strengthening your digestion. Both elements are vital contributors to gaining the energy you need to be executive warriors.

When you cannot digest your food, you are incapable of acquiring the energy from the foods you eat. And when you have weak or unbalanced immunity, you are prone to sickness, such as inflammation.

Splitting Breath

That's why the Splitting Breath is so great. It can improve your digestive system, allowing you to gain the nutrients you need to get stronger. It can boost your immunity to fight off illnesses that prevent you from being productive.

The steps are pretty easy to follow. Before you watch the video with the full instructions, look at these tips:

  1. Your hand-in gesture will point in opposite directions but at the same time split.
  2. Visualize your body stretching in the middle without having to tilt from left to right; your body maintains a neutral pose at the center.
  3. Pay closer attention to when you hold your breath in and when you hold your breath out.

This breath-holding pattern will train your body to utilize better the oxygen that enters. It also increases cardiovascular fitness and pumps up your daily energy.

Be present. Ideally, you do the exercise without any distractions, and it's a perfect opportunity to use and enhance your concentration skills.

We are taking things a little bit further with the Splitting Breath. As a standalone exercise, or if you combine it with the first two: The Bow Breath and the Sky Breath, the Splitting Breath is a good way for you to have the power and energy you need to rise to the occasion.

March 6, 2022

Practice this and go out and conquer the day!


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