Executive Warrior Breathworks – An Introduction

by Steven Kuo  - February 15, 2022

In previous blogs, we have covered breathwork exercises and techniques. It may be time to take you to the next level. But before we do that, you should learn how it all started.

Breathwork originated from the Mandarin Chinese term "Qi gong," that's synonymous with "hard work," "persistence," "consistency," "new habit," and "skill."

Gong is work.

Qi is energy; it's vitality; it's breath.

When you combine, you have breathwork.

breathing works

But it's more than that.

Mastering or manipulating your Qi or your energy is the secret to out perform your competition.

This is not something you can just read about or watch. It's something you DO to develop the skill.

Over the last 25 years or so, I have developed the Executive Warrior Breathwork.

Executive Warrior Breathwork is a distillation of the various systems I've learned and been trained with.

Systems such as Wim Hof breathwork, Tai Chi, Shuai Jiao, Kung fu, and Yoga all have their unique approach to breathing. I have incorporated all the best elements from these systems into the Eight Breaths covered in Executive Warrior Breathwork.

Each breath is designed to build up your vitality, energy, focus, and physical and mental resilience.


Let me take you through this eight-breath technique in the coming days - one at a time. Once you're done, expect to gain a high level of mastery in breath control.

Experience the genius of the masters who have taught me over the years.

What I have to offer you is something compact, something concise. Unlike meditation and yoga, which can take up a lot of our time, Eight Breath is something you can practice anytime, anywhere.

The Executive Warrior breathwork contain a lot of breath manipulation combined with movement. And perform the exercises has brought me many benefits, which I want to extend to you. There are many physical benefits, but mentally, it allows you to prepare your body to learn the mastery of breath while moving.

Whether you are simply walking, talking to a client, making a speech, or any other action, managing your breaths is essential.

inhale exhale

In martial arts, we learn to combine breath with a movement sequence, which creates a sense of coherence between your breaths and body.

Understanding the context of Breathwork is vital to your way of life.

Here's hoping that this introduction to Executive Warrior Breathwork and its benefit is the first step to a more vigorous and energetic you!

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