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"Master breathe, master your body, master your mind, and then you might master your soul"

This saying is what my Sifu (Kung Fu Teacher) taught me all those years ago, but I didn't take him seriously as a 12-year-old. I thought it was a whole lot of mumble jumble fairytale cosmic "woo woo". Twenty-five years later, a high-ticket executive training course developed by Google changed that perception forever...

“Breath in… breath out… noticing your breath...noticing any tensions in your body...” Sitting there with a bunch of high powered executives, I looked around wondering what’s going on here. I’ve just flown 21 hours across the world and paid over $3000 to attend this executive leadership training, and these Googlers are telling me to pay attention to my breath?

I felt jet-lagged, frustrated, and a little angry with my decision to fly 14,000 km to attend this training. Focusing on the breath and body is something that I have done for over two decades. Flying all the way just to learn something I already knew made me want to swear, 

But my better self told me, “Steven, since you’re here, why not just go with it. It’s not like you’re going anywhere…” So I took a deep breath, calmed down a little, and went along with the instructions to see what else these Googlers are gonna tell me.

I think they will probably ask me to jump on the table to do a lotus pose and say OM three times. Sounds Crazy, BUT The Next 3-Minutes Changed My Life!

My Googler instructors asked me to spend 3-minutes to write down my vision of living my best life. No stopping, 3-minutes of non-stop writing to capture my subconscious thoughts.

“You now have 3-minutes to review your writings…”

As I read back my journal, I realised I have just wasted over a decade of my life pursuing someone else’s goal instead of my own.

That few moments of breathing, in the beginning, placed me in a state of clarity calm, something I’m familiar with in my years of martial arts training.

However, when I journaled immediately afterward focused breathing, and allowed my subconscious to pour onto paper,
The Hidden All Of a Sudden Became Clear.

For years, I set my vision, my dream, around everything that I thought I wanted, the big mansion, the fast car, the boat, the helicopter. But at the moment, I realised my real aspiration is really to grow myself and help others do the grow and succeed.

Whenever my students share how I have helped them improve, grow, and prosper, I feel a sense of energy, purpose, and passion that I have never felt in pursuit of money.

After coming home Atalanta, I started a consulting business based on my most profound value. When I let go of the money, I created a six-figure business and doubled my income within 6-months.

“Master your breath, master your body, master your mind, and then you might just master your thoughts” again came back to my mind.

So this is what my Sifu meant all those years ago, when one can master their breath, it gives them a foundation from which to build their body, mind, and soul.

In martial arts, I learned to use the breath to harness Chi to break tiles and boards. Never used focused breathing to help me focus and gain clarity of vision.

Working as a consultant training business leaders worldwide helped me realise that one of the most significant challenges business leaders face today is short-term, reactionary and rushed thinking.

For years I focused on asking them to develop a growth mindset and think strategically, but they often struggled with the mindset change required. Years of training and rewards for thinking fast on their feet made it next to impossible for them to adopt another way of approaching business challenges.

But Google’s researching linking breathing and mindfulness techniques to leadership performance looks like the missing link I’ve been searching for all this time.

Scientists have demonstrated that by controlling your breath, you can manage your hormones, affect your mood, and even change your brain wave pattern on demand.

In other words, mastering your breath opens the doors to access your higher potential. That just leaves one problem.

"99% of businesspeople never learned to master their breath. "

Today, business leaders can do programming, make an inspirational speech, perform complex financial analysis, and even build rockets. Still, very few of them were taught how to breathe, leading to the underachievement of their full potential.

To help leaders build the foundation to grow and prosper by first mastering their breath, I created 

Executive Warrior Breathworks Online Course

When you sign up to the Exec Warrior Breathwork course,
You will discover 5 key benefits from 3 Learning Modules

Instant boost in energy

Instantly increase your energy and vitality when you have important work to get through, faster than getting a cup of coffee

stop feeling sick and tired and let that get in the way of your ambition

Using Exec Warrior Breathwork to improve your health, vitality and immunity so you are less likely to get ill and can power on while your competitors get sick and tired.

Apply Exec Warrior Breaths to solve biggest business challenges

The biggest challenges in business are not technlogy or knowledge, but people. Learn to use your breath to master personal drive, focus, strategic thinking, and go on to improve your personal influence.

Build mental and physical toughness 

Out last your competitor, work longer and harder with your increased stamina

Exclusive Exec Warrior
Breathwork Facebook Group

Where you get to ask questions and get feedback to accelerate your learning and not waste time.

  • Module 1 Foundations: Learn how to breath like never before using 8 Executive Warrior Breaths to boost your energy and vitality, building foundations to apply to master your mind & help you conquer your greatest business challenges
  • Module 2 Application: Discover how to apply breathing to manage anxiety before big moments, stop procrastination, manage times when you feel overwhelmed, boost energy when you feel tired, put your mind in strategic / creative mode for innovative thinking, handle customer rejection, say no to people who abuse your generosity, and create heightened focus.
  • Module 3 Extending Physical and Mental Toughness: Discover how to extend Executive Warrior Breathwork to building kick-ass body and mind to increase your capacity for greater business and personal challenges.

Brought to you by Steven Kuo

Steven Kuo is an Executive Warrior Coach who has helped leaders all over the world transform so they can thrive in today's Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous environments.

Steven have not only added over hundreds of millions to his client's bottom line, but also help leaders take their personal performance to the next level of kick-assness.


I find Steven's roadmap from mindfulness to leadership very meaningful. In day to day situations, I feel more aware of self, others, and the environment. I feel more in control to choose a response that help drives the situation towards a better outcome, and is not impulse-based. I have already recommended this course to my wife, and she is waiting for the next batch. Steven is a great trainer, and the entire experience was awesome. This course is about changing your mindset towards life, which will reflect at your work and with your family as well. A great part of these skills should be taught in schools.

Rajan Rana

He is not hesitant.


He is not hesitant to share what he could share to make each other's life better.

Mangely Ann Morales


Steven's training helped me to be more aware, and in control, of my thoughts and emotions...

The presenters of these types of courses are either a mirror or a lamp. Mirrors just reflect what they have learned but the lamp radiates from within. Steven is a radiant lamp. What he presents reflects his own being, wisdom and practices. That is why his coaching style is natural and very effective.

Dariush Forghani

I was blessed to get Steven's coaching.


I was blessed to get Steven's coaching when I needed the most in my life. Steven made me realise there are different attributes in life to be worked upon to achieve your dreams… His significant amount of knowledge in health space made me get some excellent insights about a health issue I was facing.

Gitika Masand

Steven made impact to me professionally and personally.


I don't know how to begin this in such a way that will do justice to the impact Steven has had on me professionally, and personally.

Joe Stewart

The classes are delivered online so you can do this in your own time, at your own pace. I am offering the course as a limited time pre-launch to help me refine and perfect the delivery. The final course would be priced at $297.

This pre-launch release will be Limited To The First 35 Students For Just $47 Dollars.

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What if just one micro-practice in Exec Warrior Breathwork...

Help you act your best even when pushed and under pressure, helping you deliver the best performance when it really mattered. What success will this give you?

What if just one technique in Exec Warrior Breathwork...

Help you gain the energy and focus to work harder, longer, in complete state of flow while your competitor break down and crumble. How much more can you win in life and in business?

What would these changes realistically be work to you over a life time? $5000... $20,000,  a million... or more?

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