Breath 7 to Upgrade your Strength and Energy

It's all about the power.

With all the viruses and illnesses surrounding our world today, each one of us must maintain a healthy and powerful body. You need a strong body to aid you in the prevention of diseases, reduce the chance of injuries, improve physical performance, and so much more. It can also benefit your mental health.


So, it's high time I introduce the seventh breath in the breathwork routine. It’s aptly called the Power Breath.

In the first six breaths, we focus on the inside to build up your stamina and resilience. Now, it's something more explosive. The seventh breath is specially designed to generate power for that extra energy you need.


You would be amazed to learn that practicing this allows you to let out our pent-up emotions and anger. This breath work would be most helpful because releasing emotions leads to building up your energy.

My latest video is now available. You can check it out here.

I will be talking about the Power Breath. I will take you through the set of steps.


The routine is relatively easy; it will take just a few moments to learn and eventually do it.

Before you go ahead with it, please take note of the following reminders:

  1. This is a powerful move, so only do this when you are feeling warm.

  2. You can challenge yourself and transform this into more of a workout by keeping your stance as low as possible.

  3. This is the warrior's Power breath, so make sure you breathe explosively.

After doing the seventh breathwork exercise, you'll discover how truly powerful you can be.

Energy and vitality become second nature if you regularly do this routine.

So, you can stop what you are doing and watch the video now!


About the Author Steven Kuo

Steven Kuo is an Executive Warrior Coach for transformational leaders who desire to make meaningful, lasting positive impacts in business, the world, and their family. Steven helps transform leadership and organisations worldwide to uncover their full potential and thrive in the Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous world we live in. From small business all the way to fortune 500 organisations. Whatever your struggles are in achieving your full potential, Steven can help you believe again. He will partner with you to make your own breakthroughs through executive/leadership coaching, speaking engagements, training, transformational offsites, and mentoring.

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