Eliminate Energy Parasites for High Performance

by Steven Kuo  - May 2, 2022

How can something so small create such a huge impact?


It's common knowledge that parasites can modify their host's behavior and suck the energy out of them. Due to their size and the minimal initial impact, the hosts think they can handle the intrusion. Boy, they were wrong.

This notion brings us to the topic of energy parasites. What are they, and what are they to us?

Energy parasites are the factors behind our energy depletion. These are several elements that can bring us down.

Why should you care about them? What do you need to do to eliminate them?

The answer to these questions? Energy parasites have the power to negate all that good work you have put into your body. They are energy-depleting elements that can affect your performance level.


To get to the heart of the matter, please be informed that there are different kinds of physical energy parasites:

  1. Pollution

  2. Food choices

  3. Biology

Recently, I was invited to speak for a top performance training. It was a live webinar, but a recording is available for you guys to watch at (link).

Why should you watch this video?

How does pollution figure in? What bad food decisions do we make? What does biology have to do with all this?

Food Choices

Allow me to answer these questions.

What specific techniques must you employ to fight these parasites? What can you do if these strategies don't work?

Let me enlighten you.

For just a few moments of your busy time, your life can be turned upside down.

These parasites sap our energy and vitality; they have no place in our lives. They make us less efficient; it prevents us from realizing our full potential.

Energy 2

However, without a willing host, no parasite can survive.

It's up to you to eliminate them.


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Steven Kuo

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