Breath 8 – Vitality Breath

by Steven Kuo  - June 20, 2022

Performance matters!

It would be best if you always aimed for the best in everything you do. Never settle for anything less, no matter how big or small your endeavor is.

As they say, you must give 100% at everything you do. But what happens if the 100% is not there?


Issues with your performance can have severe consequences. Therefore, it's crucial that you seek improvement in what you do, whether in business or personal matters.

Here's when I can help you. Let me introduce the Eighth Executive Warrior Breath. It's the last stage of the routine.

How can this particular breathwork help?


It's designed to help build up the foundation of your breathing muscles so that you can breathe more freely and efficiently for better performance.

We now come to more complex steps from simple exercises. I've shown the early breathwork stages. Nevertheless, they are pretty powerful and helpful.

These will be shown and explained in my latest vlog. So, I hope you will find the time to watch it.

What makes this breath extra special? Well. It's called vitality breath.

What is vitality? What is the purpose of vitality?


It refers to exuberant physical, mental, and emotional strength. Vitality is the state of being full of life and energy. It is also the capacity for survival, the power that allows life to continue.

It's what you need to keep going. To be productive. To reach maximum performance.

This vitality breath pushes you in all the right ways. It puts everything in perspective. And when you combine it with some of the previous breathwork steps, you can be sure of better outcomes in all walks of life.

I highly encourage you to visit my channel and watch the


. It's just for a few minutes, but the benefits are long-lasting.



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Steven Kuo

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