Breath 5 – Warrior Breathwork to Eliminate Stress and Anxiety

by Steven Kuo  - April 19, 2022

Nowadays, it seems that everybody is always talking about being stressed and anxious. But who could blame them? Stress and anxiety have become part of our everyday existence.

Stress and anxiety have become part of our everyday existence

But even though stress and anxiety are daily occurrences, you should not allow yourself to succumb entirely to them. It would help if you released the tension within you.

Why? Because these elements can become a hindrance to your success.

When you are stressed, your muscles stiffen up. When they do, you have restricted movements that prevent you from taking the necessary steps toward your goal.

Stiff Muscles

Now is a good time to introduce to you the 5th part of our Executive Warrior Breathwork Tutorial. It's a breathwork routine that is great for loosening up your body and getting rid of all the tension.

I gladly invite you to watch the latest vlog to learn more about this helpful process. Before proceeding, consider these tips:

  1. Don't go straight into the action. You must warm up a little bit because it's a big movement compared to others.
  2. If you’ve sitting for long periods of time and need to stretch a bit before starting. You can use Moving Breath to Breath 4.
  3. Focus on the rotation aspect to efficiently stretch out your body and back.
  4. Coordinate your movements with your breathing so you can obtain maximum benefits.

The breathwork is very quick; it'll take you a few short minutes.

I encourage you to do the 5th Breath, a.k.a. The Owl Breath, three times and see for yourself. Feel the stressful thoughts and feelings leave your body as you stretch those muscles.

This breathwork is excellent because it gives you the energy you need to work your way to whatever your goals are.

Throw those stress and anxiety out the window. Be the best executive warrior that you can be.

breathwork 5


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