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Chances are, you are here because you know you could be more than what you are. Like Luke Skywalker who just discovered The Force, you know you have the power within you to achieve greater success. But yet, you are underwhelmed by your results at work and life. Steven can help! 

"Executive Warrior Academy is where we can help you unleash your human potential and live the Executive Warrior life."

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Steven is a professional speaker who has presented, inspired, and entertained audiences of all sizes. He is passionate about the topics of:

  • Breaking limiting mindset for innovation
  • Developing Executive Warrior Stance in the face of adversity and rapid change
  • Health as the Leadership Performance-enhancing drug


let steven help you reach greater heights in body / mindset / leadership

Don’t have time to waste in figuring things out on your own? Accelerate your body, mind, and leadership upgrade by working with Steven one-on-one.

Executive Coaching is the fast track for those who want accelerated results that will transform how you live, lead, and deliver.

Steven's Training Programs

Executive Warrior

Body/Mind/Leadership Upgrade Retreat - Hosted in beautiful Byron Bay, this is 5 days transformational experience like no other.

Executive Warrior Body upgrade

Modern science has demonstrated beyond doubt that your body has a direct influence on your performance 

Executive Warrior Mindset upgrade

As a certified Search Inside Yourself Teacher, Steven can help you hit the next level of leadership performance through a two days leadership development.


Sakthi Chandrasekar Coaching

Sakthi Chandrasekar 1 year ago

When I was struggling with low energy and feeling down every day, I spoke to Steve and was amazed by his depth of knowledge. He's invested over 10 years in training with experts from around the world to learn how to hack the body and bring out its best version. When I shared my problem with him, Steve took a holistic approach to finding a solution. He didn't just treat my symptoms, but focused on how I could become a better person overall. I still remember one of the first things he told me, which was a small but significant change I could make to the lighting in my home at night to improve my sleep quality. After implementing this advice, I noticed a world of difference in how I felt.

Steven made impact to me professionally and personally.

Joe Stewart

I don't know how to begin this in such a way that will do justice to the impact Steven has had on me professionally, and personally.

Alison Wilson Product Owner

Steven really knows how to lift a team to realise their full potential.

Leigh Jenkinson

Steven has been a hugely positive influence on me personally, and having the opportunity to work with him has helped me not only grow as a Coach, but also as a person. Steven has a wealth of knowledge and experience, not just around Agile, but in professional coaching, human development, health coaching and mindfulness (to name but a few!)...

Amir Khan Coaching

Amir Khan 3 days ago

Steven knows a lot about biohacking and fitness nutrition. He actually helped me when I brought up some digestive issues, and he gave me some suggestions which I applied and found effective. I am very grateful to him for making it so clear to understand. I have also shared this knowledge with my friends and family, and it worked for them too. The amount of research he does, the books he reads, the biohacking conferences he attends, and the courses he's taken have given him a lot of experience and knowledge to share with people. I believe it can benefit people tremendously.

Steven reflects his genuine interest to help you.

Bhavin Shukla

Steven is a Coach. Period. Steven, right from his calm and composed posture and positive body language reflects his genuine interest to help you even before he gets probing.

Professional Coach

Sayeed Syed

The most valuable take away for me was to micro practices offered by Steven. These practices have been very powerful and helped me to stay in track on my vision. I believe when your goal is to thrive in life then it becomes crucial to understand yourself at a deeper level and this course helped me to achieve that. Compared to other professional courses available in the market which focus just on providing new skills and methods, the SIY program goes way beyond those limits and helps in bringing out the full potential within oneself. Happy that I choose this over the other alternatives which were available. This is one of the best investments you will ever make to build a better you.

Rajan Rana

I find Steven's roadmap from mindfulness to leadership very meaningful. In day to day situations, I feel more aware of self, others, and the environment. I feel more in control to choose a response that help drives the situation towards a better outcome, and is not impulse-based. I have already recommended this course to my wife, and she is waiting for the next batch. Steven is a great trainer, and the entire experience was awesome. This course is about changing your mindset towards life, which will reflect at your work and with your family as well. A great part of these skills should be taught in schools.

Rajan Rana Coach

Steven is a great trainer, and the entire experience was awesome.

Thomas Fail Coaching

Thomas Fail 2 months ago

I just wanted to thank Steve for everything he's done for me and my wife. Steve is the founder of Executive Warrior, and he is the most knowledgeable and expert person I've ever met when it comes to super-advanced biohacking tactics. This guy is a genius, and he's a true gift from God. When he's talking about the methods and how the body works, all the way down to the cellular level, you can truly tell that he is fascinated with how we were designed and how our body needs certain things. He shows us how we can optimize ourselves to be the most efficient person we could possibly be.

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